2 Nights in Palm Springs!

2 Nights in Palm Springs!

Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs, CA

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Bask in the sun-soaked allure of Palm Springs with our auction package—a 2-night retreat for two at the winner's choice of resorts. From luxurious spas to vibrant landscapes, customize your escape to your desires. Bid now for a personalized Palm Springs getaway, where each day is a harmonious blend of relaxation and desert sophistication. INCLUDES: - 2 nights in your choice of resorts in the Palm Springs area. - Choose from resorts detailed in the link below. - Room will accommodate 2 adults and may contain a large bed or two smaller beds at the resort's discretion. Some resorts charge a resort fee at check-in, as well as a refundable deposit. View valid resorts, current availability, estimated fees at check-in, and booking terms at: https://redeem.travelpledge.com/T32891 Details: 2 nights / 1 bedrooms / Sleeps up to 2 Restrictions: Subject to availability when you book. Primary traveler must be at least 21 y.o. Paid upgrades and extended dates may be available when you book. You'll contact the provider directly within 12 months of purchase to select dates and book the package. Valid: Valid for a wide range of dates throughout the year

LOCATION Various destinations near Palm Springs OTHER NOTES Unless otherwise noted, food and transportation not included.

A note from Inspiring Lady Bosses: Our annual online auction is currently underway, aiming to raise funds for the free community events and programs we will be hosting in the upcoming year. All proceeds from the auction will be directly allocated to support these events. We extend our gratitude to all the generous donors who have contributed, and we sincerely appreciate the participation of everyone in these significant events and programs. Best of luck with your bids!

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